Lisa Norris Gallery runs a bespoke art consultancy assisting both seasoned collectors and first time buyers in the acquisition of collectable contemporary art.


Corporate clients also include interior designers, property developers but also all types of companies that are interested in creating their own collection to enhance the environment of their employees. Art in offices enriches the lives of the people who work there. It is not a myth that corporations often seek abstract sculpture or paintings that challenge the viewer to think complexly and abstractly, which leads to more creative thinking and innovation.


Unless you grew up with a family of artists or lucky enough to be surrounded by art because your parents were avid collectors, placing art in your home can seem mystifying. We run a bespoke art consultancy assisting both private and corporate clients from single works of art to entire projects from the sourcing to the final hanging. We are creative problem solvers, looking at your wall, room or even entire home to find creative solutions that have the power to change the energy of any space. For some clients, it’s for investment as well as pleasure. These art collectors are looking for recommendations on artists that are mid-career and emerging that may well appreciate in value going forward.


An initial art consultation can typically include assessing your needs and tastes, including your likes and dislikes, proposing works in stock and advising on purchases based on criteria such as theme, budget, and value. Finally framing then installing new purchases.

Ultimately though there is no better job satisfaction for us than selling a piece of art to someone by an artist they love and believe in and that will give them joy for years to come. Art consultancy in a way, is the art of marrying a painting with a client and/or space.


For further information or to book an appointment, please email