The Bigger Picture: Online exhibition

11 November - 2 December 2020

The Bigger Picture is our first curated online exhibition, focusing on the importance of scale and is live now.  Large and abstract works which form a large part of our inventory create a powerful impact and can command a space.  Bigger is better!


Abstract art lends itself particularly well on a large scale.  When standing infront of the monumental abstract work by Frank Hinrichs for example, it is natural to feel a little humbled by its power and influence on our emotions.


Equally a large scale figurative piece such as Hotel Room by Arnout Killian can make us feel part of the scene and extend the space with its clever use of perspective.

When looking for something to fill a large space or even a medium one, and to provide that wow factor, go BIG!  A large work will demand attention and so is perfect for a room in which you are looking for someone to stop and notice.