Lydia Mammes + Eberhard Ross: Artists in Focus

7 October - 7 November 2020

Artists in Focus:

Lydia Mammes and Eberhard Ross


The magical synergy of these two artists hanging in our main exhibition space is in part due to their use of colour, and the resulting inner luminosity of their work.  Both artists are from Germany, and both of them explore colour and hue. Despite having different techniques and backgrounds, their work has some visually interesting parallels to colour field painting. 

Eberhard Ross is fascinated by patterns in nature.  As he explores the natural lines and curves he finds in nature, he is also exploring how the tones and hues of colour are affected by his mark making.  His calligraphic network of lines and pattern that develop organically and over one sitting so the paint remains wet, are something of a meditative process for Ross.  The 'speicher' series of paintings, such as Speicher 04314, are beautifully subtle colour fields inscribed with a labyrinth of lines.  They invite us to linger and follow the intricate progression of the lines, drawing us in and allowing us to meander through, leading us to contemplate and find a stillness. This kind of approach to the work is intense and introspective to some extent and it is perhaps no surprise that Ross studied the philosophy of Zen Buddhism for many years. His use of a luminous, neon orange around the frame of some of his paintings creates a beautiful and uplifting halo around the work, and adds to this sense of spiritual enlightenment we feel when in front of his work.


Lydia Mammes is interested in colour as a condition.  Her paintings are largely categorised by large areas of saturated colour, sometimes bright and punchy, other times subtle and romantic.  She rejects bold mark or gestural making in favour of pure colour. Her paintings are constructed in multiple layers, exposing the story of their making.  Working with low viscosity glazes allows the layers of paint to show through and gives the paintings an impression of depth.  Her work specifically focuses on colour’s ability to change its physical state.   By this she means its ability to diffuse, radiate or echo as we seen in the pair of panels in soft pink hues.  The warm apricot edge of one Untitled (Pale Blue/ Rose), 2016 bleeds into the edge of the second panel Untitled Rose Pink, 2016, creating a wonderful radiant glow. 


Lydia Mammes studied Fine Art at the University of Applied Sciences, Cologne 1986-91 and works from her studio in Krefeld, Germany.

Eberhard Ross studied Fine Art at Hochschule Essen and at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf in Germany and has been painting and drawing for more than thirty years.


For further information and more works available, please see the artist’s pages on our website.