Four in Focus: Gwenyth Fugard, Frank Hinrichs, Lars Rylander, Sonja Weber

9 May - 6 June 2019


9 MAY - 6 JUNE 2019


For the opening of our new gallery space in Gloucester Road, we bring four artists, two men and two women, with very different artistic practices together to explore their work in a new context. Each of them contributing to the discourse of abstraction in their individual way.


Gwenyth Fugard  ‘Painting as object’ is how Gwenyth Fugard likes to refer to her work.  Her painting is about process and the value she places on everything that happens to the surface of the canvas.  Starting from the preparation of the stretcher and the masking of the periphery of the canvas to the diverse ways she applies paint and material to the surface.  Whether she is using paint or alternative materials on the canvas, it is a construct either way.  She doesn’t consider herself an abstract painter as she is not reducing or distilling from a subject. It is a practice that primarily focuses on the building of a painting.

Gwenyth Fugard graduated from Central Saint Martin’s School of Fine Arts with a BA Hons Fine Art degree in 2013.  She completed her MFA at City and Guilds in 2017.


Frank Hinrichs  Hinrichs’ work is entrenched in German philosophy and classical music and both inspire his process. In the pictorial space of his paintings, sound, word and gesture come together to form a symphony of pulsating coloured forms. His paintings dispense of any allegiance to concrete form. Often any resulting imagery that emerges from his rapid scriptural strokes are a natural by-product of his energetic and intuitive technique. This involves lengthy periods of creating and shaping coloured forms, which he then removes or scrapes away, only to reapply. All the while, a series of spontaneous micro decisions he makes with his brush along the way, triggers a multitude of coincidences or happy accidents.

Frank Hinrichs studied Fine Art at the Kunstacademie in Düsseldorf under the tutelage of Alfonso Hüppi who was professor of painting from 1974-1999.


Lars Rylander  Lars Rylander’s work is characterised by a vibrant use of colour and a dynamic play of surface and texture. His working process is fluid and organic as he works on canvases that lie around on his studio floor. They are in no particular order and without any specific orientation, so that he can walk around them. Quite unplanned, he moves around the works, mixing new colours, and whimsically applying the paint in drips and daubs, sometimes interrupting the surface with scratches or a line. As the paintings start to emerge, he places them on the wall and concentrates on that particular canvas, developing pockets of texture and alternating soft and vibrant layers of colour. Slowly out of this process, what he wants to express starts to emerge.

Lars Rylander works out of his studios in both Stockholm and Gotland, Sweden.


Sonja Weber Sonja Weber’s images of water, mountains and hair are all woven.  She begins with photographs from her travels, which she then processes before translating them on a jacquard loom into a very fine weave with an iridescent surface. In Sonja’s works, the surface structure, by emphasising or de-emphasising the fine thread, is crucial. When a viewer changes his or her point of view, the image moves beyond the limitations of photography or painted canvas and reacts alluringly to light, angle and shadow.

Sonja Weber initially graduated in textiles, and then went on to complete a fine art degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg and fine art and painting at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich.