Broken Flowers: Frank Hinrichs

9 June - 16 July 2016

'All arts aspire to the condition of music which is nothing but form.'
(Jorge Luis Borges)

Hinrichs' work is entrenched in German philosophy and classical music and
both inspire his process. In the pictorial space of his paintings, sound,
word and gesture come together to form a symphony of pulsating coloured
forms. His paintings dispense of any allegiance to concrete form. Often any
resulting imagery that emerges from his rapid scriptural strokes are a
natural by-product of his energetic and intuitive technique. This involves
lengthy periods of creating and shaping coloured forms, which he then
removes or scrapes away, only to reapply. All the while, a series of
spontaneous micro decisions he makes with his brush along the way, triggers
a multitude of coincidences or happy accidents.

Hinrichs prefers to understand images as a transition, as space-filling
objects. Much as music creates a space within the mind of its audience for
the music to reverberate, his paintings have come into being from the space
created within the painter during his lengthy applications of paint to the
canvas surface.   His mastery lies in what he removes rather than in what
remains. This new body of work celebrates his unequivocal devotion to the
sensuous and intimate dialogue an artist can have with paint.

Hinrichs studied at the University of Düsseldorf and the Kunstakademie.
He most recently exhibited at the Stadtische Galerie in Kaarst and the
Museum Kunst Palast in Düsseldorf. This is his second solo show in London
with Lisa Norris Gallery.