Architects Of Illusion - The Highlights: Talks with Jin Eui Kim and Daniel Mullen

London, United Kingdom November 8, 2018
London, United Kingdom Artists'Talk

One of our favourite  types of events at the gallery is meeting the artists and listening to them talk.  Here we  share with you some snippets from the insightful discussions we had with them one evening over a private dinner.






What Daniel had to say....


Daniel Mullen, 
16th-17th, 2018,
acrylic on canvas,
170 x 150 cm     


Daniel introduced one of the four series we have represented in the exhibition.  This series,  called Synesthesia, he describes as a collaboration with his wife. Lucy Cordes Engelman is an artist and filmaker who has the biological condition known as Synesthesia.  There are many different types but Lucy experiences numbers through colour.  90's 10's above explores this.  There are 10 layers of the navy blue in the painting, 10 layers of white and 10 layers of light blue.  Each one of those layers represents a year and those years are the 90's, the 0's and the 10's. 



What Jin Eui Kim had to say....

Jin spoke about his simple but effective application of colour gradations.  How he uses dark tones (which appear to recede) and light tones (which appear to advance) to manipulate the appearance of his 3D forms that he calls OPjects.  He demonstrated how his lidded boxes for instance maintain the illusion of a whole piece but yet have a carefully disguised lid that blends seamlessly in with the linear patternation.  Each piece defies our expectations.  As the viewer, we must move around his pieces in different lights and from different angles in order to experience the variety of effects he meticulously creates.


Opject Inversion VI, 2018
Earthenware, 1120c wheel-thrown, 
D 16 x H 45.5cm
£ 5,000