Why You Need An Art Consultation?

The art of marrying a painting with a space.
February 18, 2020
Why You Need An Art Consultation?

Scenario No. 1: The Zen  Entrance 



We can assist clients in buying single works of art to entire collections.  Guiding them from the initial  sourcing  of work to the final hanging.  We find many of our clients like to start with the entrance to their home, to create a feeling of calm and serenity when they walk through their door. This painting by Gwenyth Fugard was perfectly placed above a hallway bench to bring a zen feeling upon entering. 


Scenario No. 2: Alternative wall spaces.




We are also creative problem solvers, looking at your wall, room or even entire home to find creative solutions that have the power to change the energy of any space. This Bernd Mechler work is a  fine example of how a serious painting doesn't always have to be taken so seriously and makes a fun and dynamic addition to the games room in this house.

Scenario No. 3 Extending a space.



We get particularly creative when envisaging space. Even when space is limited, and a wall doesn't seem big enough, we recommend going big.  The installation of this Stephane Villafane painting, extends the natural light and airiness of this apartment, giving the illusion of more space.


Scenario No 4  Creative thinking for an office



Art in offices enriches the lives of the people who work there. It is not a myth that corporations often seek abstract sculpture or paintings that challenges their employees to stop and think, which leads to more creative thinking and innovation.  This beautiful Subtractive Screen  by Michael Luther makes a polished statement about this company's vision and core values


Scenario No. 5  Creating an ambience




We listen to the desires and opinions of our clients and look at their space and consider the kind of atmosphere they want to create.  This beautifully minimal kitchen is enlivened by the energy of this Michael Luther painting.  To see the results of a selection of our art consultations with clients please visit the Projects page on our website.

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