Minimalist Art

What is Minimalist Art?
April 24, 2019

Installation view of The Art of Interiors II exhibition 2018.
Eberhard Ross  Fermata 07316, 2016, signed and dated, oil on canvas, 100 x 80cm SOLD


The Bare Necessities..
Minimalist art is generally characterised by precise, hard-edged, unitary geometric forms; rigid planes of colour—sometimes cool hues or sometimes just a single colour. Mathematically regular compositions, often based on a grid; are emptied of all external references and generally have a uniform surface, with barely any gestural traces of brushwork.  In Minimal art what is important is the viewer’s experience, how we perceive the internal relationships among the parts of the work and of the parts to the whole.  This might seem a little conceptual, but the effect these works can have in the right setting are powerful and can contribute to the atmosphere of a spare, elegant, and  sophisticated interior.




An example of a Gwenyth Fugard painting in a Minimalist interior.
Gwenyth Fugard, Untitled 008, 2016, oil on canvas, 130 x 95cm  £4500


Some ideas on how Minimalism can work in an interior.
 According to critics, Minimalism represented the culmination of Modern Art's progression toward the most simplified form of abstract art possible.  Minimal paintings in soft hues can warm up white walls or concrete floors while maintaining a sense of harmony, the work of  Gwenyth Fugard or Eberhard Ross come to mind in this instance.  A Minimalist style can seem incredibly appealing when confronted with the constant clutter and visual noise of modern life.  Buying a large minimal painting can  bring some calm into your home, creating a simpler, calm and serene space with a heightened sense of clarity. The idea of a Minimalist aesthetic is to put all your thought and budget into just a few really great treasures. Then fine-tune every detail.  Less is More.
An installation shot of Jane Goodwin's City Blues exhibition at the gallery.
Not all minimal paintings are softly hued.  They can also  provide a pop of colour to tie together the other elements in your home design as in the case of the vibrant blues at work in paintings by Jane Goodwin.   They can also provide a focal point in an ultra minimal urban home through clean lines and clear geometric shapes which bring a sense of symmetry, balance, and increased dimension to your space as we see in the work of  Daniel Mullen.
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