OSTER+KOEZLE: are a painter and a photographer.  These two artists have been collaborating for about 10 years and the results of this co-operation are reflected in their works of art.  These images of abandoned buildings, which are originally shot on film, are transformed into alternate spaces with a simple digital occupation turning the image of reality into an independent image following the rules of the picture plane.. No longer do we consider these to be elements of architecture, such as a floor, a wall, a ceiling but an abstract order consisting of vertical forms and inclines, of lines and colour, of calm surfaces and agitated gestures.


Willy Oster 969-1975 studied painting in Cologne under Prof. Marx and Prof. Schriefers from 1969-75.  SG Koezle trained as an advertising photographer in Düsseldorf between 1972 and 1975.