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Textile Art by Sonja Weber

New textile art by Sonja Weber in the gallery now

Having initially graduated in textiles for three years, Sonja Weber went on to complete a fine art degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg and then studied fine art and painting at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich. As a result of this extensive education, Sonja Weber’s woven images are not traditional textile art, but instead incorporate a variety of different media: photorealism, computer art, textile art, and panel painting.

These new pieces embody a core theme of Sonja’s work: the effect of light on a subject be it mountains, water, trees or clouds. Everything begins with one of her own photographs, which she then processes before translating onto a computer operated Jacquard loom.  Through a very fine weave, the loom captures every nuance of light and shade to create an iridescent surface. This surface structure, by emphasising or de-emphasising the fine thread, has an integral part to play in the luminosity of her works.

Sonja Weber’s  textile art has exhibited throughout Europe including at Die Grosse Exhibition at the Museum Kunst Palast, Dusseldorf.  In 2010 the Bundestag bought one  of the series of trees entitled ‘Between” for their permanent collection.

For further work by Sonja Weber see her artist page http://www.lisanorrisgallery.com/artists/sonja-weber/


Textile Art by Sonja Weber

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