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Lauren Nauman at the gallery

We are delighted to have stunning ceramic pieces by Lauren Nauman join the gallery.  A ceramicist who pushes the boundaries of traditional ceramics, Lauren is a project based-ceramicist, who makes works ranging from decorative to functional objects.   Delicate in appearance, with ribbons of porcelain (that seem to defy the very nature of porcelain) intertwine delicately to form a cage-like design in soft neutral shades.



She received her M.A in Ceramics and glass from the Royal College of Art and has exhibited throughout London including at Talent 2016 Craft Central and Collect at the Saatchi Gallery.  Click here to find out more about her intriguing practice.



Lauren works with the traditional industrial method of slip casting using plaster moulds, which are used for shapes not easily made on a wheel. Lauren’s clay structures are carefully disassembled from a mould and fired under the intense heat of the kiln, where they bend and curve into an entirely new wire-like structures.


Delicate and Desirable…

In an interview with the Telegraph she says of her work; “I don’t really decide on the final shape. …the form of each piece stems from minute details in the making, but mostly depends on chance.”


Working initially in black and white, Nauman has since added a pastel pink and a sage grey to her palette.  She then adds strips of brass to some vessels, after they have been fired, juxtaposing the reflective metal with the smooth, matt strips of porcelain.



Lauren Nauman at the gallery

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