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Opening November 27

Winter Group Show 2013

The winter group show brings together the work of ten English and European artists with a broad mixture of drawing, painting, print making and photography:

Lisa Dalton paints still life of glass and paper with an intricate detail, from her series A Question of Balance.

Returning to the gallery after their success in the Abstract Perspective group show, Delmonte present their work executed with muted hues and jarring intervention.

Selwyn Leamy’s medium of gloss household paint on aluminum gives a unique glow to the suburban solitude portrayed in his work.

Bogumil Ksaizek presents his delicate and playful watercolours from his Myth, Water and Vapour exhibition.

Juliette Losq’s creates a theatre out of her three dimensional ink and watercolour drawings in her Fanum pictures.

German born Wolfgang Mages demonstrates his approach to landscape and colour in his works of painting and print making.

Jason Robinson’s Notebook series of monoprints explores line, colour, movement and space.

The collaboration of Jessica Rimondi and Ornella Orlandini, two Italians living in Berlin, one a painter, one a photographer enters an unknown, secretive world.

Paulina Sadowska uses black and white paint in her Paradise Lost and Youth Series to express an undertone of impending doom juxtaposed with the innocence and naivety of youth.

Elena Stevanoska’s range of works on paper engages with the notions of destruction and the absurd, creating a strong sense of dislocation.