Currently showing The Art of Interiors

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Painting by Jane Goodwin. Sculpture by Jin Eui Kim and Matt Sherratt

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May 9th - June 16th

Lisa Norris Gallery and Bonham and Bonham are joining creative forces to present the exhibition, The Art of Interiors, opening May 9th 2018.

This show will showcase carefully selected pieces of art and bespoke, handmade furniture in a curated setting, making a statement about how our spaces can be transformed with something of quality and integrity.  Good design improves the quality of our lives by combining a smooth function with good looks.

This show seeks to explore the synergy of well-designed, bespoke furniture with contemporary, collectible art, creating personal spaces that blur the line between fashion, art and interior design.  Current trends stipulate that homeowners are increasingly looking for glamorous, well-crafted, intriguing designs such as statement sideboards and stand-out sofas to enhance and not compete with their art collection.

The Art of Interiors is not about decoration, but about living with art.  How artwork and furniture enhances the environment in which you live and how you connect with certain works, demonstrating how colour and shape can influence our moods and emotions.  There are many ways of lifting a space.  It can be with a dramatic painting, the subtle touches of curved sculpture, an uncomplicated ceramic piece or an elegantly sculptural piece of furniture.

The balance of colour, space, texture and scale all interplay to create a visually striking ensemble.  Choosing a curvaceous sofa or a dramatic painting can break up the lines of traditional architecture and create a sense of movement and open our eyes to a whole new approach to interior living.

Ultimately this exhibition is about the pleasure of living with contemporary classics, bringing insight into how we approach our homes by exploring the ways in which art and furniture interact and how it can enhance the ambiance of a space.

This collaboration has brought together two like-minded creative businesses who provide a dynamic and enthusiastic service for discerning clients.


Bonham and Bonham design and manufacture sought after furniture.  Each piece combines timeless elegance with attention to detail, made to the highest standards, ensuring unrivalled comfort and longevity.  Most of the pieces in the collection are available in a range of options, giving a truly bespoke service.


Lisa Norris Gallery is an independent art gallery dedicated to showcasing carefully selected work from established and emerging artists from the UK and Europe.   The gallery has a varied exhibition programme of painting, photography and drawing with a mixed presentation of solo and curated group exhibitions.  She also advises both private and corporate clients from single works of art to entire projects, from sourcing to the final hanging of the work.