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February 9 - March 5

An exhibition of photography featuring OSTER+KOEZLE, Jessica Rimondi/Ornella Orlandini and Dazeley.


These images of abandoned buildings, which are originally shot on film, are transformed into alternate space with a simple digital occupation turning the image of reality into an independent image following the rules of a picture plane.  No longer do we consider these to be elements of architecture, such as a floor, a wall, a ceiling but of an abstract order consisting of vertical forms and inclines, of lines and colour, of calm surfaces and agitated gestures.


Two Italian artists, one a photographer and one a painter, explore the deserted buildings of Berlin creating unique works of hidden spaces.  The series What Remains is an intimate account of what has been left behind in a region of great political and social change.


Leading London photographer, Dazeley, stimulates our curiosity of seemingly simple yet striking images.   His love of London has been recently recorded with the publishing of Unseen London which was featured on BBC News, BBC London Live and ITV News.  A new book is due shortly.