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Gwenyth Fugard

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April 23 - May 30 2015

A curiosity concerning the power of the simple line has inspired this new series of paintings. The intriguing vertical, horizontal and diagonal line prompts us by association and memory to decipher and recall something familiar. Is this illusionary space an interior, a landscape or architectonic  in  composition. I employ the use of masking and folding to depict interventions, which aid the construction of this new space. Due to the human scale of the works, an illusionary point of entry has been created, as if through a window or gate. The viewer may find themselves drawn into this spatial depth and once in the empty space may find a resting place there within the lines which hover outside the almost recognisable.

The work is constructed within a system and through this system of criteria and boundaries a freedom emerges enabling the illusion of openness and space within the surface of the canvas. I intend for a sense of expectancy to be noted by the viewer, as if an event or presence has just left the space or is about to enter. Part air, partly grounded and part architecture, borders appear to be corroding while other zones remain solid.

The application of paint is applied within the balance of hesitancy and assertion. I consider the spaces left unpainted to be as significant as the areas dense in coverage.


Gwenyth Fugard graduated from Central Saint Martins School of Fine Arts with a BA Hons Fine Art degree in 2013.

In this short time she has gone on to win the Signature Art Prize (2014) (painting category) and was long listed for the Griffin Art Prize in 2013.Her work was exhibited at Somerset House as part of the National Open Art Exhibition in September and October 2014.

Other exhibitions include Verve Open 2014 Exhibition (London) and Rising Stars – 2013 (Coombe Gallery, Devon).

In 2013 she was also part of the Clyde & Co Project (London) and the Shoreditch Fashion Show.

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