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Choosing Art for your Home

Why buy art?  There is a whole host of reasons why people do. Perhaps to make a style statement in their home, for investment purposes, or they might be adding to a pre-existing collection.  Like anything else, buying art is a pleasure and reflection of your unique style.  Still many find it daunting and often a minefield of choices and decisions.  Here we share a few guiding principles with you.

Galleries devote a major portion of their time to sourcing their artists and curating stimulating shows.  Exhibitions are the platform for artists to reach a wider audience and a good opportunity for people to learn about the artists and develop an eye for what they like.  Getting your ‘eye’ in means visiting exhibitions and reading about artists you are drawn to.  This often helps our clients establish what they like and why.

Michael Luther at Lisa Norris Gallery

Looking closely at this work by Michael Luther. The gradation of colour is carefully inspected.

Appreciating art is feeling a connection. Art has an influence on us, our mood, and the atmosphere in a room.  Sometimes it can be an instant connection, for other pieces, it can be a slow burn, and can take a while to grow. It could be walking past that gallery window day after day and not being able to take your eyes off a piece.  However it happens, owning a piece of art brings long-lasting fulfillment and pleasure.

Once you have begun to develop an eye for your own artistic style, you will think about what pieces you would like in your home to enhance or complement a room.  Are you looking for one statement piece or are you looking to build a small collection?  Do you have a specific wall or a specific atmosphere in mind?  Do you hold a lot of dinner parties and looking for that conversation piece?  Some of our clients are looking to shake things up with a massive injection of colour in their homes while others prefer to keep the tonality more neutral and understated.

Work by Lars Rylander gives dramatic colour to this space.


Making an appointment at the gallery to discuss your requirements is often a useful way to get constructive advice about what might work in your personal space and what aligns with your personal taste!  Whether it’s a Saturday morning browse that leads to a spontaneous purchase or a longstanding relationship with the gallery that results in a small collection of pieces for your home, living with art is the ultimate reward.

Choosing Art for your HomeChoosing Art for your Home

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