Chelsea Art Gallery

Lisa Norris has opened a Chelsea Art Gallery to present her selection of established contemporary artists from Europe and the United Kingdom. The gallery, located on the New Kings Road, brings a fresh approach to the Chelsea Art Gallery scene.

Lisa Norris has advised international collectors of contemporary art for over seven years and uses her Chelsea Art Gallery to showcase the finest works of a variety of top rate artists.

Chelsea Art Gallery

Her starting point is always the artists and their commitment to producing artwork to the highest quality and in an unwavering pursuit of their artistic goals. Only after Lisa Norris has spent time with artists in their studios where she can observe them at work and choose their most exciting pieces are they invited to show their work at her Chelsea Art Gallery.

Those interested in contemporary art in Chelsea should sign up to the Lisa Norris Gallery mailing list. Private views in advance of exhibitions, contemporary art discussions and artist dinners are regularly hosted at this Chelsea Art Gallery.

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