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Bernd Mechler – First UK Solo Show

Alongside a regular rotational display of artists we represent, we hold a handful of solo shows a year, which means the whole gallery space is dedicated to just one artist’s work and some pieces are freshly created for the show. Next month we are excited to be presenting COLOURlust, a solo show of work by German artist Bernd Mechler.

It is doubly exciting as Bernd Mechler’s work has never been shown in the UK before.  Guaranteed to flood the gallery with colour, we are eagerly anticipating the shipment of his work to the gallery any day.  We caught up briefly with Bernd (and Google translate!) to get the bigger picture about his work and some inside scoop on what compels his brushes to move the way they do across the canvas.  For a sneak preview of what he says about his painting, read on.

Bernd Mechler colour chart

Q and A with Bernd Mechler…

What led you down the path of abstraction and was it intentional or a natural progression towards it?

“My teacher (Dieter Krieg) was a painter of objects.  He was interested in my experiments and allowed them to continue whereas all my fellow students were more interested in the direct confrontation with objects”.

Are there particular interests or obsessions from college or teaching that influence your work and your palette choices?

“In the early stages of my study, the experience of the surface of a painting correlated with the experience of the body.  Later the process of painting itself was brought forward as a priority, such as creating space through the use of different colours, organized in different ways such as the construction of bands or an inversion of colour.”

What feeds your practice? Teaching? Current exhibitions? Music? Politics?

“I receive energy through a lot of these things, especially teaching, history, scientific literature and music.”


To find out more about Bernd Mechler’s work and to see a selection of his paintings together for the first time in the UK, visit the show opening Thursday 18th May (6.30pm-8.30pm) continuing through Saturday 1st July 2017.

Bernd Mechler – First UK Solo ShowBernd Mechler – First UK Solo Show

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