Artists Sonja Weber

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Between, Jacquard fabric 140 x 180 cm


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Sonja Weber’s images of water, mountains and hair begin with her photographs, which she then processes before translating them on a jacquard loom into a very fine weave with an iridescent surface. In Sonja’s works, the surface structure, by emphasising or de-emphasising the fine thread, is crucial. When a viewer changes his or her point of view, the image moves beyond the limitations of photography or painted canvas and reacts alluringly to light, angle and shadow.

With 11 solo exhibitions in almost as many years, Sonja’s has acquired an international reputation. Her work has been exhibited across major cities in Germany, Spain, France and China.

In 2010, her work was purchased by the German Bundestag.


Solo Exhibitions

2014 Measure space: From someone who set, Galerie Seitz & Partner, Berlin

2012 Sonja Weber – landscapes Gallery Mariette HAAS, Ingolstadt

Sonja Weber – silence of the moment, artThiess Gallery, Munich

2011  Sonja Weber, Gallery Netuschil, Darmstadt

2010  Sonja Weber | horizons – between, Galerie Seitz & Partner, Berlin

2009  Sonja Weber – Pure Water, Gallery Cornelia Camp, Sylt / Westerland

2008  Sonja Weber – Woven Impressions, artThiess Gallery, Munich

2006  Galerie Seitz & Partner, Berlin

Galerie Tobias Schrade, Ulm

2004  Gallery Gerdsen, Hamburg

2001  Gallery Maulberger, Munich


Group Exhibitions

2013 Art prize of the Nürnberger Nachrichten, 2013

Type Palma Brunch, Galeria K, Palma de Mallorca

Artists of the Gallery, Gallery artThiess, Munich

A Winter Travel, Galerie Seitz & Partner, Berlin

Great Art Exhibition NRW Dusseldorf, Museum Kunst Palast, Dusseldorf

Art Innsbruck, Galeria K, Palma de Mallorca

LUXEXPO 2013, Gallery Kaschenbach, Trier

2012 New lines, German Bundestag

UPDATE, Galerie Ilka Klose, Würzburg

2011 See Sea Light, Gallery Magnus P. Gerdsen, Hamburg

Girl Power, Galerie Ilka Klose, Würzburg

2010  artThiess Gallery, Munich

Places of Happiness, Gallery Netuschil, Darmstadt Art Prize of the Nürnberger Nachrichten 2010, Kunsthaus Nuremberg and Musée des Beaux-Arts, Nice

Heavenward, Air Museum, Amberg

CAR – Contemporary Art Ruhr, Gallery Art Affair, Regensburg

Mixed media and materials, Art Affair, Regensburg


2008 The Wave – Spell of the movement, Palatinate Museum, Heidelberg

PURE WATER – Kunstverein Villa Streccius, Landau

Of course, LV 1871, Munich

Art in Flow – art spaces Bavaria in 2008, Mariette Haas Gallery, Ingolstadt


2007 Art Karlsruhe with Gallerie Seitz & Partner, Berlin

stand.punkt, Gedok, Kunsthalle Barmen, Wuppertal

World Water Water World, Castle Beeskow Beeskow, Brandenburg


2006 Art Prize of the Nürnberger Nachrichten 2006, Kunsthaus Nuremberg


2005 Reflections, Galerie Seitz & Partner, Berlin

Pulses Gallery LandskronSchneidzig, Nuremberg

Art Karlsruhe, with Galerie Seitz & Partner, Berlin

Art Constance, Gallery Schmalfuß, Marburg

Summer art, Gallery Gerdsen, Hamburg

A cross for the 21st Century, the Cathedral Museum, Freising

River, Gallery Netuschil, Darmstadt

White, Gallery Mariette Haas, Ingolstadt


2004 H2O, Gallery Schmalfuß, Marburg

7 Summer Art, Gallery Maulberger, Munich

Art Prize of the Nürnberger Nachrichten 2004, Kunsthaus Nuremberg

Shenzhen Fine Art Institute, Shenzhen (China)


2003 Summer Art, Gallery Maulberger, Munich

Summer Art, Gallery Gerdsen, Hamburg

Artists at Work, Textile Museum, Prato

Great art exhibition NRW Dusseldorf 2003 Dusseldorf


2002 ART Frankfurt, Gallery Maulberger

Moments, solo exhibition, Constance

10 x NN Art Prize -Kunsthaus Nuremberg


2001 ART Frankfurt, Gallery Maulberger