Artists Lars Rylander

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Untitled Red Stripe, signed, Acrylic on canvas, 100 x 100cm


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Lars Rylander’s work is characterised by a vibrant use of colour and a dynamic play of surface and texture. His working process is fluid and organic as he works on canvases that lie around on his studio floor. They are in no particular order and without any specific orientation, so that he can walk around them. Quite unplanned, he moves around the works, mixing new colours, and whimsically applying the paint in drips and daubs, sometimes interrupting the surface with scratches or a line. As the paintings start to emerge, he places them on the wall and concentrates on that particular canvas, developing pockets of texture and alternating soft and vibrant layers of colour. Slowly out of this process, what he wants to express starts to emerge.


2017 Galleri Bergman, Karlstad
2016 Bh5 KonstgalleriStenungsund
2016 Galerie aux quatre vents, St Julien le Montagnier, Provence
2015 Affordable Art Fair, Stockholm
2015 Galleri Bergman, Stockholm
2015 Galleri Gullmarn, Skredsvik
2015 Lisa Norris Gallery, London
2015 Galleri Kim Anstensen, Göteborg
2014 Kunstmaand Ameland, Ameland
2014 Lisa Norris Gallery,  London
2014 Galleri Örsta, Kumla,
2013 Galleri Bergman, Karlstad
2013 Galleri Kim Anstensen, Göteborg
2012 Lilla Galleriet Umeå
2011 Art Copenhagen Köpenhamn
2011 Galleri MajnabbeGöteborg
2010 Galleri Våga se Stockholm
2009 Galleri DanartGlimminge

2009 Galleri GullmarnSkredsvik
2008 Galleri Olsson & Uddenberg Göteborg
2008 Flamènska galleriet Borås
2007  Konsthallen KajutanHenån
2006 Vågermanska konsthallen Skärhamn
2006 Galleri Bergman Stockholm
2006 Galleri ÖrstaKumla
2006 Galleri KochStenungsund
2005 Galleri Olsson & Uddenberg Göteborg
2004 Galleri EgelundKöpenhamn
2004Galleri BergmanStockholm
2004 Galleri RosengångenLerum
2004 Galleri TinnertFalköping
2004 Galleri Rosengången Lerum
2004  Galleri KochStenungsund
2003 Galleri RosengångenLerum
2003 Stockholm Art fair Stockholm
2003 Wågemanska konsthallen Skärhamn
2002 Galleri RideliusVisby
2002 Galleri Koch Stenungsund
2002 Nordens bilderKungälv
2002 Galleri Dunèr Göteborg