Artists Eberhard Ross

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Fermata 07615, 2015, oil on canvas, 50 x 50 cm

£ 2,200

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Eberhard Ross studied Fine Art at Hochschule Essen and at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf in Germany and has been painting and drawing for more than thirty years. Ross has studied the philosophy of Zen Buddhism for many years and this is revealed in his art both in the subject matter and in its execution.

For many years, Eberhard Ross has taken inspiration for his work from natural phenomena and also from music. Ross painstakingly covers canvases and sheets of paper with networks of lines and pattern that develop organically in a repetitive and meditative process which he calls “organic geometry”

In his more abstract “Speicher” works, Ross  covers canvases, aluminium and sheets of drawing paper with calligraphic lines and pattern that develop organically in a repetitive, and for Ross, something of a meditative process. Ross is fascinated by patterns in nature i.e spiral forms of shells, leaves, butterfly wings, plant cells. As he tries to interpret the natural ‘lines and curves’ found in nature he is also exploring how the tones and hues of colour are affected by the mark-making. His recent investigation into pale-coloured tones have produced paintings as part of the “Silent Spaces” or ‘Fermata’ series.

The ‘speicher’ paintings whose color fields are inscribed with an abundant tracery of lines also proffer themselves for contemplative viewing, the gaze may retrace the progression of the lines – partially at least – gradually wandering with neither attention to direction nor destination. This kind of approach to the work is related to a form of introspection already practiced in the Middle Ages.

  (Tobias Burg, Curator of Prints and Drawings at Museum Folkwang, Essen).


2017 Silentium, November – December, Clerkenwell gallery, London

2017 Affordable Art fair, Battersea, London

2016 Arc : Travelling Light, presented by Four Square Fine Arts, Clerkenwell Gallery

2016 Affordable Art fair, Battersea, London

2016 “the fermata series“, Galleria Il Ponte, Florence, Italy

2016 “fermata“, San Miniato Monastery, Florence, Italy

2016 “the fermata series“, Galerie Kunst2, Heidelberg, Germany

2015 Natural Histories, exhibition by Four Square Fine Arts, Clerkenwell Gallery

2015 “Luminescence – think of your eyes as ears“ Galerie Frank Schlag, Essen, Germany

2015 “contemplation“ with Neringa Vasiliauskaite, Galerie stoerpunkt, Munich, Germany