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Intervening Horizons, acrylic on canvas 160 x 100cm


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Daniel Mullen’s paintings concern both real and imagined architectural spaces which he explores through a visual language inspired these constructions. In his work, he seeks to represent that which is not there, the unseen. Using a raw linen canvas as a starting point, he creates layered images, playing with depth and light to explore both Western philosophical approaches to nothingness and Eastern thoughts on emptiness. He sees the plain canvas as the emptiness and the painted whole surface as the nothingness, filling the potential space between them with abstract architectural volumes and shapes. The angles of a shape or a plane are switched around, some seem to project outwards, others retreat. His palette is often influenced by memories or feelings and he cites Mondrian as a source of inspiration who has guided him through the process of abstracting physical architecture.

Daniel Mullen is based in Amsterdam but originally from Glasgow. He graduated in 2011 with a BFA from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. He has exhibited internationally including in London, Vancouver, New York, Miami, Sao Paulo and most recently with a museum show in Berlin. He was nominated for the Buning Brongers prize for painting in 2012, the Dutch Royal Prize for Painting in 2014, and most recently was shortlisted for the Aesthetica Art Prize in 2017.


2019 Colour Equation, March 30th – May 4th Curated by Ana Carolina Ralston at Emma Thomas Gallery, Soa Paulo, Brasil
2018 Architects of Illusion, Jin Eui Kim and Daniel Mullen, Lisa Norris Gallery, London
2018 In Search of Higher Wolds, Privateview Gallery, Turin, IT
2018 A Different Kind of Time, Collaborative Synesthesia Project, Uprise Art, New York
2017  False Empire, Appels Gallery, Amsterdam
2016 Future Monuments,  Anise Gallery, London
2015  Space, Time and Architecture, Franck Gribling and Daniel Mullen, Cityscapes Foundation, Amsterdam
2013 Intersecting Perspectives, Harm Van Den Berg and Daniel Mullen, Galerie Brandt, Amsterdam

                                      SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITIONS
Group Exhibition: Aesthetica Art Prize (shortlisted), upcoming exhibition at the York Art Gallery, England (8 March–14 July 2019)
Group Exhibition: Ostrale Bienniale O19 Dresden, Germany (June 29th-Sep 27th)
Group Exhibition: Dutch Abstract Colorists, Dedee Shattuck Gallery, Massachusetts (7th-29th Sep)
Group Exhibition: 22nd Dec- Jan 29, Winter Show, Elan Fine Art, Vancouver
Group Exhibition:        Who’s Afraid of Red, Yellow and Neon? SBK, Gallery 1, Amsterdam
Group Exhibition:        Kwer No4, at Kanyakage Project Space, Berlin
Group Exhibition:        Transform, Alfa-Gallery, Miami
Three Person Show:    A World Away, Neil Fortune, Niek Peters & Daniel Mullen, Francis Boeske Projects, Amsterdam
Three Person Show:    Radiating Spaces, Curated by Pascal Johanssen, Direktorenhaus Museum, Berlin
Group Exhibition:        Space, Time & Architecture,  Cityscapes Foundation, Amsterdam
Group Exhibition:        Summer Show,  Francis Boeske Projects and Nieuwe Dakota, Amsterdam
Group Exhibition:        Spring Propositions, SBK , Amsterdam
Group Exhibition:        RHIZOOM-BWHS 2.0, Cityscapes Foundation, Burgerweeshuis, Amsterdam
Group Exhibition:      Art-link Canada, Vancouver
Group Exhibition:      Arti Et Amicitiae, Amsterdam
Group Exhibition:      Space Shapes Voyage, Cityscapes Foundation, Sanquine, Amsterdam
Group Exhibition:      New Energies, Cityscapes Foundation, Amsterdam
Group Exhibition:      Gallery Lokaal WV15, Amsterdam
Group Exhibition:     New-scapes, Cityscapes Gallery, Amsterdam
Group Exhibition:    “Summer in the City II,”  Cityscapes Gallery, Amsterdam
Group Exhibition:     The Royal Prize for Painting, Palais Amsterdam, Amsterdam
Group Exhibition:       2×2 Exhibition Fundraiser, ESKFF at Mana Contemporary, New Jersey

                                     ART FAIRS
2018                            Solo Booth SP-ARTE,  with Privateview Gallery, Sao Paulo
2017                            KUNST RAI with Josilda Da Conceicao Gallery , Amsterdam
2016                            KUNST RAI, with Gallery Lokaal WV15, Amsterdam
2015                            THIS ART FAIR Roos van Dijk, Daniel Mullen, Amsterdam
2014                            PAN, with Gallery Brandt, Amsterdam
2014                            I AMSTERDAM YOU BERLIN, Galerie Brandt Berlin
2014                            RAW, Gallery Brandt, Rotterdam
2013                            KUNST RAI, with Galerie Brandt, Amsterdam


2019 Shortlisted for the Aesthetica Art Prize
2017 Winner, Public prize, Summer show Nieuw Dakota and Francis Boeske Projects Amsterdam
2016  Long-listed for the Aesthetica Art Prize
2014 Nominated for the Dutch Royal Prize for Painting
2012 Nominated for the Buning Brongers Prize for Painting
2012 Finalist, De Nieuwe Rembrandt


Corporate collections:   

AKZO NOBLE-Netherlands,





Selected Private collections:

Eric Albada Jelgersma (Netherlands) Dirk Vanderschueren en Nicole Parmentier (Belgium) WKB Collection  (United States) Collections in:  Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Poland, Philippines, Puerto Rico, United kingdom, United States.