Artists Bernd Mechler

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Untitled 2006, Signed inverso, oil on canvas 56 x 43cm


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Bernd Mechler is known for his abstract, potent colour plays of monumental size.  From early on he had little interest in the representation of reality.  At college he was encouraged to explore his own subjective impressions of reality through painting.

This is painting about painting in the tradition of Gerard Richter’s grey paintings and the white paintings by Robert Ryman.  Mechler almost empties out the canvas of any objects in order to focus entirely on what he describes as a psychological confrontation with painting.  Much of what feeds his work is extracted from life around him, be it a social event, his teaching, visiting an exhibition or simply taking a walk.  His work is spontaneous and relies on the energy of his senses, emotions, intuition and thoughts as well as his perception of the world around him, all of which filters into his compositions.

Surfaces are energized by planes of intense colour, linear structures and the motions of the horizontal dragging of a brush. Color layering has a major role in Mechler’s work. It can appear in quiet tones of white or black, as atmospheric colouring (pale greens and peaches and violets), or as he describes “slightly irritated tones of pink, red, and magenta”.  His alternation of bright and dark colours  and the organisation of them in ‘construction of bands’ or  ‘cuts’ and ‘breaks in levels’, create an illusion of depth.  All these factors begin a dialogue and overlap and lead to new dialogues and trajectories.  He sees space and form created over and over in a multitude of formats during daily life.  These might be memories or flashes of inspiration or indeed fragments from small oil sketches that lie around his studio.



2017 COLOURlust Lisa Norris Gallery, London
2016 – Galerie Appel, Frankfurt, Germany
2016, Die Grosse , Museum Kunstpalast, Dusseldorf
2015 – Galerie im DreiGiebelHaus, Xanten, Germany
2008 Galerie Ruth Leuchter, Dusseldorf, Germany
2012 Indiscreet Colours Galerie KU28, Essen, Germany
2012 Die Grosse, Museum Kunstpalast, Dusseldorf
2011 Die Grosse, Museum Kunstpalast, Dusseldorf
2005 Christopher Grimes Gallery, Santa Monica , LA