Artists Arnout Killian

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Closed, Oil on linen, 90cm x 140cm


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Arnout Killian’s skill as a painter goes beyond his exceptional technique. With his thought provoking subject matters, there is a slight uneasy strain of what is not there.

In Distorted Screen a dazzling field of black and white stripes can be seen. The painting seems to refer to television noise but also echoes Bridget Riley’s Op Art paintings. In Hit and A New Dawn the picture is coming through a screen of red green and blue stripes referring to mediated images from television.

Closed is a depiction of a closed window screen that can also be seen in the painting Bungalow at Night’.  And in Bubble Wrap a black monochrome is closed off by a painted screen of bubblewrap.

Always precise, though sometimes very different in style Killian’s paintings evoke an alienating atmosphere that is enhanced by the artificial lighting, by which a cinematic tension is aroused creating a narrative within the viewer.  His striking works generate a slight disquiet which keeps us transfixed on the subject.

Arnout Killian has exhibited extensively including in the prestigious Stedelijk Museum Buro Amsterdam.  Recent acquisition of works by Museum More and his subsequent solo exhibition, Enter The Void, has secured his position as a master of photo realism.


1988-1990 Universiteit van Amsterdam, History, Amsterdam
1990-1995 Gerrit Rietveldacademie, Amsterdam.
1994-1995 STEIM, Amsterdam.
1996-1997 Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten, Amsterdam


2017, Van Zijll Langhout/ Contemporary Art, Amsterdam, Sphericals#1, sound installation.

2017, Pulchri,The Hague, In Disguise, duo exhibition with Ruth Borgenicht, organized by NLisus.

2017, NLisus, Rotterdam, ‘Nothing is what it is and everything is, what it seems’, duo exhibition with André Kruijsen.

2017, Lisa Norris Gallery, London, ‘Peripheries’.

2016, Museum MORE, Gorssel, ‘Enter the Void’, curated by Ype Koopmans and Arnout Killian, first solo exhibition in a museum2016, Lisa Norris Gallery, London, ‘Screens’.

2015, Museum MORE, Gorssel, ‘Sharp Focus’, curated by Ype Koopmans.

2015, Atelier Neerlandais, Paris, ‘Cherry Tomato Pony Rider’, curated by Norbert Fiddelers and Dirk Peerboom 2015, Rosalux, Berlin, ‘Memories of the Digital Age’.

2015, Van Zijll Langhout/ Contemporary Art, Amsterdam, ‘Leftovers’.

2013, Galerie Brandt, Amsterdam, ‘No Credits’ 2010, Albus Lux, Roosendaal, ‘Tentation’.

2008, Stedelijk Museum Buro, Amsterdam, ‘Beyond Paradise’, curated by Delphine Bedel and Ayako Yoshimura.

2006, Van Wijngaarden, Amsterdam. 2002, De Vleeshal, Middelburg, ‘We’ll slide down the surface of things’, curated by Rutger Wolfson.